Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 31 The Vision to Baptize

Hello there World!

This week has been one adveture after another.... I wish that I had time to tell every single detail... But I dont. So a rundown will have to do!

So first of all our investigator José finished taking all the lessons and is now married! He has overcome all of his trials and is ready to be baptized! We did have to change the date to next week though, because he suddenly was called into work this week (he is an EMT, we understand different situations). But is is more than ready! And we are so happy!

An investigator Mauricio, progressed leaps and bounds this last week. He went from being really sort of rational and scientific about invstigating the gospel, to having a fight with his wife (who is a faithful member) and realizing that there really are things in the universe that are more than you can actually measure in a test tube. So he took the plunge and read the Book of Mormon a little and prayed about it..... He told us, ¨I cant explain it. It isnt something logical or rational. But I know that it is true.¨ It was an amazing answer to so many prayers. 

He is set to be baptized on the same day as José! He has come to church a lot, and we are finishing the last lesson in the next few days. We are so happy to be here in El Salvador. Everyone was telling us that the work would be really slow over summer. And it really has. But it just proves that if you leave and work as hard as you can anyways. Even if all you do is walk in the sun, you are doing your job and the Lord is going to help you in your dedication. And as a reward for the years of hardwork by faithful sisters and elders here in El Salvador we are seeing the fruit. Next week we are planning on TWO baptisms. 

I love being a missionary and I know that the church is true. What I am sharing in the true doctine of Christ as a whole. Not only a couple parts. But the whole thing. I am so gratful as well that I have been called to serve in a Spanish speaking mission where I have to learn a lot more about myself, my faith, and my Heavenly Father, before I can ever communicate something clearly. 

I love this gospel. I have literally been a witness to the types of happiness and love that it brings into the hearts of the people. Seeing that change in their eyes make all of the ups and downs and heartaches worth it! Thank you all for supporting me. I love you so much. 

Until next week,

Hermana Randall

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