Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week 48 WHAT? Transfers? And a Happy Mother´s Day!

Hey there world!

Before I really begin the email I just want to let you know that I am alive. I survived. And I will continue to live. Haha. I had a pretty miserable week, but it all turned out fine. The tests came back negative for an infection more severe, so they changed a couple of my medications, and gave me a lovely shot in my lower back, that fixed me up pretty quick, and I was weak but walking well Tuesday in the afternoon.

The week went really well after that and we were able to help the work progress here in  Tocopilla! Then surprises of all surprises, the transfer call came as expected. But it did not send Hna Challco (who has been here for 4 months) away to another city. It sent me away! I spent the weekend packing suitcases, because tonight my bus leaves for Cerro Moreno in ANTOFAGASTA! Whoohoo! I always wanted to go to Antofagasta! But I am beyond sad that I only had 6 weeks in Tocopilla. It is truly an amazing city and the people are amazing. I have really made some wonderful friends here. And Im leaving just in time for other baptisms which we had planned for Saturday. So I will not have photos with Mariana. But Im glad to have been a part of her conversion. 

And I begin a new adventure here at night with my new companion Hermana Jimenez. She got to the mission at the same time that I did, and if Im not wrong she is from Ecuador. So here is hoping and praying that all is looking up from here!
Also I would like to wish a Happy Mother´s Day to all of the Mothers in my life. I love the definition of a mother given to us in the last Womens Conference. ¨Mother means to give life.¨ In one way or another all of you mothers have been a mother to me because of the life you have given to me. By sharing time, talents, stories, and general life and love. Thanks for everything. I love you all! 
Have a beautiful week and Dios les bendiga!

Hermana Randall

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