Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 65 ¡¡¡Feliz Cumpleaños Chile!!!

Hello from Chile!

Yesterday and today are the independence days of Chile! So we are just filled to busting with barbecue, empanadas, and chilean folk music. It was such a cool week! The new sisters that are living with us are sure nice, one I met before because I was her Hermana Leader last transfer, but Hna MacDonald is super fun. It is an enthusiasm boost to live with two other sisters. And they are clean as well, so that always helps. 

But the week went by rather normally here, but Wednesday was a little different. We had a visit from Elder Brag of the 70 and a member of the Area Presidency. Maybe the President. Not sure. And he had a special meeting with all of the leaders in the mission right before as well. We talked about obedience and how we, as leaders, help to set the ``Culture`` of the mission. It was very spirit filled. And the meeting that followed was also really cool. He speaks Spanish and his wife speaks a bit as well, so they were able to communicate with everyone that was really fun. 
And then on Saturday we had the ward party for Independence Day. It was filled with typical Chilean food and dancing. And we also played a good number of typical Chilean games. I will proudly tell you all that I won the sack race! I did however face plant it after touching the finish line. It wouldn't have been so bad if I were on grass. But cement is a different story.... My hands and knees were all bleeding and such. Ouch.... I managed to make it to the bathroom before I cried though. Haha. 

And a member made us typical dresses to wear! I got to pick the colors and she made it. It was so nice of her. :) And blue is my favorite. 

Yesterday to prevent all of the missionaries from just wasting time eating things with members or investigators, President called the whole mission and said that the Zone that had the most lessons with a member yesterday in the afternoon would win something. So we called our ward mission leader and he set everything up with his mother running us from place to place in the car, and members going for a couple hours with each of us. We taught 4 lessons in the afternoon all with members. And the other sisters as well! We had 8 altogether, and we destroyed the competition! We also found a really great investigator, new people to teach, and had a ton of fun! I love being a missionary!
Basically it was a great week filled with empanadas, fun, and miracles. A member can really make a difference in the enthusiasm and progress of the work!

Love you all! Do a missionary a favor and go spend an hour with them. They will love you for forever! Just like I do!


Hna Randall

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