Saturday, August 29, 2015

Week 12 Baptisms!!!!

Hello There Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well wherever you are reading this!

Things are really progressing here, we have been blessed to find some really great new investigators, and have the baptisms of two more people! On a sadder note, Hermana Scalise got a call from President this week and was informed of the death of her Grandfather. We have really been studying the Plan of Salvación this week, and we really have greater testimonies of this plan. 

Remember the stories of María, Joselin, and Raúl? Well María and Joselin were baptized and confirmed this week! That was so special. Raúl has a long ways to go, but we have a lot of hope for him. 
When María and Joselin had their baptism interviews María passed without a problem. But Joselin has some mental retardation due to an accident that she had when she was 4 and some other stuff Im about to explain. So she completely shut down in the interview and forgot everything. So Elder Duke, our District Leader, decided that she really was innocent and didnt need baptism. We thought that it was probably the case, so we werent too suprised. But when we explained that Joselin was perfect and didnt need it, Joselin started to cry. Because she wanted to be baptized. And why is heartbreaking, its hard not to be blunt about this, but when she was 16 there was an incident against her will, and she became pregnant. Now remember she doesnt have the mental capacity to process this. She had a little girl, and then the government took her because of her mental state. Joselin has lived for years not understanding what happened to her. Not understanding that it isn´t her fault. And just feeling dirty.  But she did understand that through baptism she could be clean and not have those feelings anymore. So we talked to our mission president and explained and he agreed that baptism was the best course in this situation. When we explained that she could be baptized she changed so fast. She needs help praying, but she prays all the time now. And she cant read, but she opens the Book of Mormon and tried to follow us. And then when she had the second interview, more for formality than anything else, she mangaged to answer all of the questions, even if they were really simple answers. It really was a miracle. 
The baptizm was really beautiful, and when we visited after the confirmation yesterday, it was amazing. María looks 10 years younger, and Joselin never stopped smiling. And apperantly, the two sons in the family asked why they were so happy, and Marís told them it was because she was baptized. And now the two sons want to listen and be baptized so that they can be happy too. it really is a miracle. :) I love this family. 

That really is all the time that I have for right now. But I want to share my testimony that throught the gospel of Jesus Christ we can all find peace and happiness in our lives. Even when we have nothing, we can have everything through our Savior. If you have a Book of Mormon, and even if you dont its online, read Alma chapter 7, especially verses 11-14. It is a beautiful sacrifice that Our Savior, your Savior. Made for us. And through it we can find so much peace. I know that because Ive seen and felt it in my own life, and I watch and see it happen here every single day. I love you all. Thank you for letting me share my mission with you. 

Con Amor,

Hermana Randall

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