Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 9 ¡Dos Meses!

Hola World!

    This week has been so long, and so short all at the same time. We haven't really been able to work with a couple of our investigators because they've been about o town and this week school started up again after the break, so things have changed a little in the dynamics. 

     But we have a baptism this Saturday! Her name is Kathy and she is wonderful. She wants to be baptized so badly. And for the longest time we thought that she couldn't because shes pregnant and was still dating the dad. It was really complicated. But we found out that they never lived together, so we were able to ask her to be baptized and she said yes right away! She`s so excited! And that day she actually broke up with the Dad. She says she wants someone she supports her in this decision. And he doesn't. Hes a Less active and doesn't want anything to do with the church. But shes getting baptized this Saturday! We are so excited for her!

     We worked a lot with the Less actives in the ward this week. Especially with the Familia Iriarte. The Father and the Son have been less active ever since the son, Yan, returned from his Mission after 6 months. No one really knows why he came home. But after he came back his Dad started drinking and smoking. So we thought the best way to work with the Dad was through the son. So we invited him to help us teach a lesson. And that went really well. Afterwards he kept asking, Where next? Its obvious hes a good missionary and has a testimony. But he really sad thing was as we were walking to the main road at night, we saw his father weaving down the street, drunk as a skunk and smoking. Yan started crying and he told us how hard things were at his home right now. I bore my testimony of the fact that sometimes children have to help their parents. They have to help them find their way back to the iron rod. And then we parted ways. Then on Saturday, the family signed up to feed us lunch. Yan wasn't there, but Victor, the father, was. And after we finished eating, he broke down and cried because he feels so lost in his life, and he doesn't know why his son came home. We talked to him for awhile, and I think that he`s finally reaching that point where he wants to change. And then yesterday, Yan came to church and bore his testimony of the truth of the church. It was really powerful. That family is improving in leaps and bounds.

        Those are the two biggest stories this week though! I'm heading to lunch after this, and then we are going to El Morro! Its Chile`s giant statue of Christ on  mountain! Pictures next week! Well actually, we are going to a different place next week, I may not be able to write, but pictures are to come!

            I love you all! Thank s for all your support! Talk to you later!

                             Hermana Randall

PS. Today marks two months for me in the mission! Time flies!

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