Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 8 ¡Alo el Mundo!

Hey everyone! It´s time for this weeks episode of What`s What in the World of Missionary Service in Northen Chile: Arica.

    We´ve seen a lot of miracles this week. And a lot of disappointments. 

    My Spanish is improving a little bit every day, and Im at about the level of Spanish as the sister that lives in my pension from Utah as well, and shes been out for a month more than I have. The Gift of Tongues really exists.

     We extended the bautismal commitment to 4 people this week. The first was a 16 year old named Pedro. He said yes! And now we have to set a date. Its complicated because he has a smoking probem. We are going to approach him about that during the next lesson. Another is a little 8 year old boy named Kevin. His family is Less Active, but he goes to church with his Aunt, who is an active member of the ward. He loves learning through the lessons, and he is really excited to be baptized! His date is set for the 15th of August. And the last two have sort of a sad story. The mother is Marìa and the daughter is Joselin. To start it off, Joselin is about 20 years old, but she has limited mental function because of an accident that she had when she was younger. But she can understand enough to take the discussions and to be baptized. And Marìa is amazing. The missionaries were teaching her before I came here, and on her record it literally says that she cant read. And she cant really. But when we taught this last week, she told us that she has been trying to read the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets, and her reading is improving. Enough to the point that she can understand what she is reading. Its a miracle. We extended the commitment to Marìa and Joselin and they accepted! They are going to be baptized on the 15th! But...... the husband of Marìa, Raùl is a drug addict, and alcoholic. And so is the son. And when they are under the influence they are physically and emotionally abusive to the women in the family. Its a really sad situation. Raùl was taking the discussions too. And every time we talk to him you can see in his eyes how lost he feels. How he really wants to change. He just doesn´t know how. They next appointment that we have with the family is going to be at the church and away from his home. Maybe if we can teach in a different place he`l feel the spirit even more, and finally find the strength to change. 

     Also the weather here is pretty much perfect all the time, its called The Eternal Spring for a reason. But sometime it really smells like fish or other things. My sector is really poor and dirty a lot of the time, but it has the best people in the world. The people here have so much heart. Also, everything is sold in bags here. Ketchup, maynaisse (I cant spell that right now), jam, its weird and messy. And if people are going to keep giving me gifts whenever I am new I wont have room in my suitcases for clothing.

     That´s a lot of what happened this week! I love you all so much! Thank you for everything, and I pray for you all everyday! Have a great week, and remember that we are all Children of our Heavenly Father. He loves all of us so much. 

                           Love you all,

                                             Hermana Randall

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