Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 5

Hello Again World!

This is my last week in the MTC! My last P Day and everything. Next time you receive an email from me I will actually be in the actual field! So that is one of the most exciting and terrifying things right now. Im mostly excited though!

Not really much happened this last week. Its the last of the normal weeks here at the CCM. But now everything for us in in Spanish. Church, devotionals, everything. Its difficult, but I understand a lot of it. I also have realized that Im really good at talking about the gospel right now, but my understanding of grammar and other more worldly words like shirt, or directions are off completely. But language is coming along really well. Thank you for the prayers and fasts from my family and others. I really appriciate it and they really are helping. 

Im going to apologize again for my spelling and grammar, I have so many rules and languages boucing around in my head right now, trying to type English on a Spanish computer is really difficult.

But I have officially made it through one month in the mission. I cant believe how fast that has gone by! It was really hard at some points, but honestly, I havent had time to do anything especially not wallow or miss people.

Tomorrow is my last trip to the temple for the next 17 months. And that is a really sad thought. But what is really cool is the fact that there are about 5 Latinos from this new group that are going through the temple for the first time. They are mostly from Colombia. And they are so excited to go. We had a crash course in Temple prep on Sunday, and its really exciting. 

When the new latinas came they called my Shakira right off of the bat. Do I really look like her that much? 

And on the 4th of July we were allowed to Watch the Copa America! Latinos really take thier futbol seriously. And there were a bunch of Argentinians here, so that was a little weird. But both teams played really well. And the whole country like freaked out. For two days all of the cars on the streets honked their horns for as long as they were driving. It was nuts, and really annoying. 

Also there is a facebook page for my MTC apperantly. Its Sherman Doll at the Santiago CCM or something like that. You might have to search for it a little bit if you want to find it. But Im in some pictures there.

We had a couple little earthquakes this week and that was really cool to just be sitting in class and its like someone shakes your chair. Its amazing that those are just a fact of life here. 

Tomorrow my district is going to a park and we are going to practice contacting people. Real people. In real Spanish. Im really excited. And the next day we are going to the Santiago East mission and going on splits with the missionaries to actually help teach lessons and proselyte and everything. The work is getting more and more real. The only bad thing about this week is that we learned about President Packer. We are going to be able to watch his funeral on Friday. The whole MTC prays for his family every day. 

But the work moves on. And that is my week. I hope everything is great for you all where ever you are! I love you all! Hurrah for Isreal!

          Hermana Randall

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