Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 4

Hello World!

I cannot believe that I am hitting the home stretch here in the MTC. My District and one other district are the oldest people here now. The next wave of people leaving the CCM is my district! The time here has just flown by. 

This week has been a little more difficult than last week. Not too much, but it had its moments. We ve started working in harder things in the language courses, and its basically math in word form. I hate that. I really have to try to understand everything. All of my teachers are speaking Spanish now, and as we are the oldest we have been told to speak nothing but Spanish. That is so difficult! I can understand way more than I can speak.

But my District was having some communication problems that were really starting to eat at me, we were all on each others nerves I think. But my amazing night teacher Hermano Diaz (the redheaded Latino I mentioned) was inspired by The Spirit and stopped the class and made us do a District inventory and just talk. We all talked, I cried a little, and now things are better than they ever were. We are all just friends, and its great. (Although Elder England did kick a volleyball yesterday and it hit me in the face. So I have a slightly swollen face. Much better today than yesterday.)

My companion and I are doing really well. We ve really opened up to each other and learned to trust each other. That makes all the diffference. 

The Spanish is coming along okay. Im really trying as hard as I can, and I know a lot of vocabulary. The probablem is the grammar and the past and future conjugations. The thing that makes me upset this week is the Imperfect and Preterit past tense. HOLY NO. That is going to take a while. And a lot of practice. But with the Lord I can do all things!

This week we dug into the story of the Brother of Jared. He is confused about getting light in the barges, and so he works as hard as he possinly can and all he can manage is 16 small stones. He goes to the Lord with them in his hands and says something to the effect of, I know that I am so weak. I know that you can do everything, and this is all that I can do. But please acccept my weakness and help me. God, this is all that I can do. And that is all that God wants from us. He wants us to come up with the solution ourselves and then try our hardest. And when that is done, and we cant do anymore, we go to him with the work we did in our hands and we say, Please God, its all I could do. And then he will help with the rest. 

God loves you all. And I love you all. We all can do hard things. Have a great week everyone!


Hermana Randall

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