Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 2

Hola from Chile everyone!

Being here and with the limited time that we are given really makes me appriciate the fact that I am a fast typer! Thank you for all of the emails! Its really hard to answer everyone, so I hope that this group letter will suffice! (Seriously, I got 40 emails this week)

To answer some questions that I have been getting. 
1. The food here is really good, but there is a lot of it, and it is really heavy. I dont think Ive ever eaten this many noodles in my life. But they did give us cheese empanadas today. And oh my gosh. Those were my favorite. Its also dissapointing to get a dessert and not have it be sweet. There were these things that looked like nobake cookies, but they actually tasted like horseradish and oranges. It was nasty.

2. My companions name is Hermana Rebeka Stock. Shes younger than I am by about 6 months and goes to BYU Idaho. She is also incredibly clumsy, but in an endearing way. Sort of, shes almost killed me a couple times. (Tripped me down the stairs, steps on my feet, drops things, headbutted me a couple times, ran over my foot with the chair, stuff like that.) But she is really sweet. 

3. The Spanish is coming. Yesterday we were walking around the temple and there were some kids playing and we talked to them in Spanish, and i knew what they were saying and was even able to respond in kind. It was amazing. I know that God is really helping me to get the language. I still do not understand past tense, like at all. But Im working on it, and I think we are actually going to cover it this week some time. 

But really this week has had almost nothing new in it. I was able to go into the city with the other Hermanas from Al Cantara (the place I stay at intstead of the MTC). We took a taxi (terrifying driving. From everyone.), and went to a little store, learned how to use the post office, and went to a little grocery store that lookes like if Albertsons dressed up like Walmart for Halloween. Different but not too bad. We got wolf whistled while we were walking and that was weird, but the rest of the day went by pretty smoothly. 

We switch teachers today because we are moving up a grade so to speak. We are the 3 and 4 weekers, instead of 1 and 2. Tomorrow we get 5 new Districts. 3 from North America, and 2 from Latin American countries. There will be three Latina Hermanas and we are all excited about that. Except two of them are from Argentina, so the teachers told us not to listen to how they pronounce things. They dont want us to do the che thing they do. But the MTC is growin by about 35 people, which is a lot because it is so teeny.
We also were able to go the temple last week. It was gorgeous! Smaller, a lot smaller, than I am used to. But still the same. The chandelier in the Celestial room, was spectacular. 

Thats really about it though for the week. Just living day to day. This week went by incredibly quickly, and according to everyone else, they rest of the weeks go by even faster. 

Thank you all for writing to me! I really appriciate it! Sorry that I dont have time to message all of you. But know that I am thinking about you, and that your words of love and support mean oodles!

Love you all!

        Hermana Randall

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