Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 3

Week Three is over and gone!

All of the days are the same day now. Its weird, but I totally understand what everyone means about the weeks being short and the days being long.

This week was pretty much the same as last week. Im trying the learn Spanish, which is actually coming along not to shabbily, its not good. But its not bad. im able to bear simple testimony, pray, and teach lessons in really basic vocabulary. Its nice.

I did have a few problems with my companion this week. She is realy sweet and everything, but she doesnt really like herself. So shes really needy, and its really hard to lift the load of a companion. We had a good long talk together, and then with the Mission Presidents wife, and then together again. So I really hope things start to get better for her soon. Im trying to help any way that I can.
I have also managed to gain 4 lbs. No matter what I do, this place is just packing on the carbs, and even with the excercising in the morning, I literally cannot move enough during the day because of classes. Its difficult. 

We got two new districts of Latinos this week. And there are three Hermanas. Two from Argentina and one from Peru. They are very sweet, but they are having a hard time. We found two of them crying by themselves at different times. Its hard to comfort them when I cant speak to them very well. But I really try. What is sort of gross is that where they come from the sewer system cant handle toilet paper. So the trash can gets filled with toilet paper everyday, no matter how many times that we tell them they can flush it here.

Next week we are getting two new disricts of Latinos again, and there are 7 Hermanas, and they are all going to stay at the house with us. So me and my companion are going to be the only two North American sisters in the house. There will be 9 of us and two bathrooms. That will be difficult. But I hope we will all get along!

There was a couple little earthquakes this week. Nothing huge, but like every other earthquake I have ever been in, I slept through it!

Everything here is military time and celcius and pesos and meters and kilometers, it is really weird, and really different, and I cannot even tell you how many people look at me and roll their eyes as a slowly count out my pesos. And Im faster than half the district!

We also got new teachers last week and one of my teachers does NOT look Latino. He is REALLY white, and has bright red hair. But he is. And ive notice Latinos, or at least the ones here, really like cheesy jokes. We get A LOT of those.

But is was a really spiritual week. On Sunday we talked a lot about love and forgiveness. And we watched The Lords Errand. The movie about Thomas S. Monson. If you have the chance please watch it. It is a moving and insipiring movie. So many wonderful things. And when someone asked why everything was so hard for a missionary, they showed us the video of Jeffery R Holland and David A Bednar talking about how Salvation never was easy. That is why we must pay that higher price. It is incredibly moving. Watch them. And always remember that forgiveness isnt just because of the person you are trying to forgive. Forgivness is for yourself. If you are carrying that load unnessecarily, talk to the Lord, have him help you forgive. That load taken from your mind and your spirit, will make it feel like you are flying. Remember to forigve.

That is pretty much it for the week. Im headed to answer a few more emails, and then to lunch, and then a session at the Temple! Love you all! I really hope that all is well in your lives. You are all in my prayers.

                      Hermana Randall

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