Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 1

Hola everyone!

     This is my first email from the MTC! So what Im going to be doing is writing one big email about my week and sending it to everyone who gave me their emails. So if you want to reply to me, please just write a seperate email, DO NOT HIT REPLY OR REPLY ALL otherwise your email to me will go to about 70 other people as well.
      Also I apologize for the spelling and grammer mistakes that I{m going to make. Im typing on a Chilean keyboard and all the letter and puncutation are in different places. 
      Well, the plane landed last week on Wednesday and once we made it into the country past customs and everything we wer chauffered to the MTC housing. Most of the missionaries are housed in the temple housing by the MTC, but there are about 40 of us at the CCM (thats MTC in Spanish), right now, so about 15 of us live at a little house on Al Cantara street about 10 minutes away. Its about 100 years old and used to be an old Swiss embassy. 
       Mi compañera es Hermana Stock. She is 19 and from Missouri. She{s really sweet and shes really good at the grammar and sentence structures of Spanish. I{m picking up vocabulary like no ones business. But I struggle with the grammar of everything. So we fit together pretty perfectly. Shes more quiet and Im more outspoken so we dont really have a problem working together. 
       The lessons are going well, I have three teachers right now one for the morning, afternoon, and evening. And depending on the day they all teach different things. 
        A basic schedule here goes like this,

          6:45 Get up 
           7;00 Personal study
           8:00 Breakfast
           8:30 Excersise
           9;20 Get ready
           9:45 Leave for the CCM
          10:00 Classes start, we have classes ALL day and only stop for ten minute breaks here and there and then lunch and dinner.
           10:00  PM leave and go home and then collapse due to exhaustion. 

         Despite the hard working schedule Im really enjoying my time here. My district is fun, we are the only sisters in the district, but not the only sisters in the house. There is a trio of Hermanas that have been here 2 weeks already. 
          What wasnt so fun about tis week was the fact that I got food poisoning after the first day. I spent all of Friday throwing up and sleeping back at the house. At least everyone thinks it was food posioning. It could also be the fact that they basically feed us NOTHING BUT STARCHES and soda. The food is pretty good, but it doesnt compare at all to home. There I could chose what I wanted to eat and when. You dont realize how much of a freedom that it until its gone. 
        If I had to describe the CCM I would say it is a violent, fun, spiritual mix of EFY, Spanish class, and college all wrapped in to one. It is both very fun and extremely different. But Im adjusting. 
        Spanish is coming slowly but surely. The vocab is building, sentence sturcture not so much. So for those of you who sent me emails in Spanish this week...... I only understood like th general message because I only have an hour to write emails and didn{t have time to translate all of it. But I would appriciate any and all prayers to help me learn Spanish. God has been so wonderful and merciful during my first week here. It has not been all sunshine and daisies. There was at least two times when I was sitting in my classroom, feeling sick, tired, and having a headache, looking at my teacher speaking rapid Spanish, and thought to myself. What the crap did I get myself into. But once I get some sleep and say some really heartfelt humbling prayers I am just as ready to go as the day before. 
           My time is running short but I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers! Love you all! 

              Hermana Randall

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