Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 14 ¡3 Months!

Hello Everyone!

So I´ve officially been a missionary here in Chile for 3 months. And wow. That both took forever, and not hardly long at all! Now that Im getting the hang of things, the days are passing a lot quicker. And the nights too. I never sleep enough, just the right amount. (But I want more ·Sad face·) Nah, just kidding, but things here are pretty great!

This week we had to do an unplanned companion exchange because the Sister Training Leader that is in our District needed to travel to Antofagasta for the Mission Conference (12 hours on a bus), and the President wanted Hermana Scalise (my companion) to go with her. Which meant that I was on splits with Hermana Freedman. She has the exact amount of time in the mission as I do, and we were in my Sector teaching. So I was basically the Senior companion for 2 days. Planning, teaching an all that jazz. It was stressful at points, but we also found some really great future investegators and taught 7 lessons. we got a lot of stuff done and I´m really happy with how far that my Spanish has progressed. (Although I was kissed by a drunk man. That was an experience for the memory books. Just on the cheek and we got away after that. But still..... Ugh....) 

Everything here is slowly preparing for the 18th of September which is the Independence Day of Chile. Everything is turning red, white, and blue, and flags are going up everywhere. The mission president told all the missionaries that is isn´t worth our time to proselyte on the 18th or the 19th because its a little unsafe, and no one will listen. So instead we have been told to party with members and investigators. And the ward has planned a huge 2 day party with dancing, music, empanadas, the whole deal. I´ll make sure to take a lot of photos. 

Our investigators are progressing pretty well, we had some disappointments this week because some people with baptismal dates didnt come to church this week so we have to reschedule everything and find out what happened. Part of it really is a cultural thing I think. The culture here (at least in my sector) is very similar to ¨what ever happens, happens¨. Even with the members. If they feel like doing something they will do it. A lot of the time we´ll even get a promise or an appointment with a member and they just wont show up or follow through. Not everyone and not all the time. But the mentality is definetly, ¨Whoops. Sorry about that. Next time...¨ It´s just a little frustrating from the standpoint of a missionary who has a set schedule.

But the ward here really is great and we are able to get a lot of work done with the members, they really are just so happy about missionary work right now. Do the missionaries in your area a favor where ever you live, offer to go with them to a lesson, or give an investigator a ride to church or something like that. They will be forever grateful. 

Thank you all for the prayers and the words of encouragement. I really appriciate all that you do for me and my family. Take care, and if you have a question about anything, ¨Ask the missionaries. They can help you.¨


Hermana Randall

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