Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 28 The Christmas Season Begins....

Hello There Everyone!

Seeing people with Christmas lights in the windows and fake snowmen in the front yard feel almost like the world is lying to me that it is December. When broiling from the inside out is the state of your body during the day, it is not Christmas. No matter what the Calender says. Although Homesickness isnt a thing, because it doesnt feel like Christmas, which I guess is a blessing in disguise. Haha. For one of the neighborhoods here, they did a Christmas party, so they pulled a trampoline out into the middle of the street, set up some inflatable pools and had a big water party. It was really fun, and I got squirted with a lot of squirt guns while proselyting, that was a new experience for me. Here when it is Christmas, it is water fights and heading to the beach. That is super different. 

Things are going really well here in El Salvador though! I did have a pretty miserable 24 hours when I  caught a stomach bug and was throwing up all night. And it just happened to be the night of Companion Exchanges, so BOTH of the Hermana Leaders were there, so I recived way more support than was necessary. I appriciate that they love me and all, but sometimes you just want to throw up and be miserable in peace. 

But our investigator José is doing great! We were expecting to have a pretty frank conversation with him and his Less Active girlfriend this week about the Law of Chastity, but we had hardly began our conversation when they announced they were getting married the 6th of January! And then they asked us if he could be baptized on the 16th of January! (My baby sister´s birthday, that will be a good day for me.) Everyone is really excited, but no one more so than José he is super excited to be a part of this Church and to have the opportunity in a year to go to the temple and be sealed to the woman that he loves. 

We taught a good number of lessons this week, had intercambios (companion exchanges) and prepared for the Mission Christmas conference on Wednesday. We all are preparing a White Elephant gift to give in 3 categories, 1. Most Missionary 2. Most Funny and 3. Most Chilean. Im going for Most Funny, Im giving a carefully written Dear John letter (Querido Juan) a pack of tissues, a type of candy called Guauitas (which are shaped like little babies), and then an acutally good Candy bar.

I would also like to point out I found a bag of Reese´s Peanut Butter cups here! I did not buy them, because converting Pesos to Dollars, it was about $9.00 I was NOT paying that much.

Anyways! That was about my week! Ups and Downs and all arounds! Hope you are all enjoying snow and the spirit of Christmas. If you havent already I highly recommend you watch the new Christmas videos that the Church put out, they are beautiful and powerful. You can find them at christmas.mormon.org . I love them!

And I love you all! Have a great week! Godspeed and stay strong!

Hermana Randall

PS. I found a fabulous manaquin that I had to share with you all. I laughed way harder than I should have.

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