Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 29 Merry Christmas from Chile!

Hello everyone!

Hope that this email finds you all well and happy, and ready for the Christmas season!

I still stand by the fact that if it is not freezing outside with snow and such, it is not Christmas. I miss my mountains and my snow! Haha. But there is something charming about being able to eat ice cream and listen to Christmas music. 

Not a ton happened in the way of the Work this week. We still have a baptismal date for José on the 16th of January, and other people are slowing progressing. The problem is that we just officially hit summer this last week here, and all the people in El Salvador are leaving. Not even joking, half of the branch and more are going to be gone until March. Yesterday was the saddest day of church in my life. 11 people showed up, not a one a person who was in charge of teaching a class, and then they ALL left after sacrament meeting. It was just two sister missionaries staring at an empty chapel, and two hours with nothing to do. That will kill your spirits pretty quick. But we are determined to help the members want to stay. And we are excited to start really working with the members. At this point it is almost like everyone in the Branch is a Less Active member.

We also had our Christmas conference this last week! I got to go to Copiapó with my companion. We met up with both of the zones in Copiapó and had a great day. Lots of Christmas stories and singing hymns. And there wasnt a musical number prepared, so I was nominated with another sister who is an alto to sing a song.  Hermana Handley played the piano and then we sang Silent Night, it really turned out beautifully as well. We were very happy with it, and President loved it. Always a good sign. And after all of the spiritual things were done, we traded gifts. I recieved a really cool gift, that won the Most Chilean spot. Its one of those toys where you have to flip the top up onto a stick that is attatched by a string. The one I got though is basically artistic only. The Elder that gave it burned the mission logo into it. It is really cool, and I totally forgot to take a picture. (Next week).

But if I had to pick the most spiritual experience for the week, it would definetly be during the conference when we were all singing Christmas hymns together. Just the fact that about 40 missionaries were all singing songs and testifying that the Savior is born, it really brought to my mind the scripture in Luke 2, when the Angel testifies to the Shepards that Jesus is born, and then around him are suddenly all the hosts of Heaven singing and praising God. That is really what we are doing as missionaries during this Christmas season. We are the angels sounding the trump to tell the whole world that ¨Ha Nacido un Salvador¨, A Savior is Born. As much as I love my snow, my mountains, my family and friends. I wouldnt trade anything right now, to be in Utah. Here I am doing the work of the Lord. The work that I have been called to do. 

There are people here that I have been called to meet and to teach, and even if they dont initially accept the church they have been given the opportunity. And that is my purpose  here. Invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo. (Invite others to come to Christ.) Thank you all for the love and support that I feel from all of you, and for the many emails with Christmas wishes that I recieved this last week. I love you all and I pray for you always. Merry Christmas all, and may you remember the reason for the season. Remember that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ filled a manger, and emptied a tomb. Today my Savior, your Savior lives, and he loves all of us. And during this time of Christmas, remember the perfect baby, even the Christ, that was born to save the world. 

God bless us every one.

Hermana Randall

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