Saturday, March 19, 2016

Week 39 Over the Rainbow. Officially Halfway.

Hey Everyone! All is well in El Salvador, Chile!

Before I get to the news about my week I would like to give a couple shoutouts:

1. My little brother Jarrett made the High School Soccer Team and I am beyond proud of him.

2. My little sister Emma is Sunshine in Human form.

3. Cassidy, my not so little sister, is getting closer to graduation every day, and is about to start college. I love her. And she scares me. 

4. My parents are the best parents. Thanks for being the best parents.

5. I have the sweetest Grandparents.

6. I have a couple cousins whom I love quite a bit, who are both returned missionaries, and one finished his mission while I was in mine. AND NEITHER OF THEM HAVE WRITTEN ME ANYTHING. THIS IS NOT A SHOUT OUT. IT IS A THREAT. 

These have been my shoutouts for the week. 

Well world. I hit 9 months this last week. My mother very proudly has sent me a photo of my half filled countdown calender. And I feel as if I should write the obituary. I still have a lot of time, but I feel like I got kinda kicked in the pants this week. I know that I am working hard, and I am a better missionary every single day. But I always feel like there is more that I could be doing. And now I only have 9 months left in the mission to do them. So these 9 months are going to be the best of all the months. Thats a goal. A resolution. And a fact. 

Other than this not much has happened this week. Hna D´Angelo was out one day with a pretty bad cold, but she is all better now. And we are back to working with all our hearts, mights, minds, and strength. 

El Salvador has also helped to increase my belief in the Resurrection, because this week our ghost town of no one, has exploded back into a place inhabited by real people. School starts today, and the world is back in order. Slowly we are reciving all of our investigators and Members back and we are over the moon about it. 

Our investigators that are progressing have slowed in their progress a little bit, but they are still progressing. Just do to factors that we cant control, like interfamilial issues, etc... They have slowed a little. However I am confident in their futures.

This was basically my week. Taking care of a sick companion, hitting my ¨Hump Day¨, and seeing all the people coming back from vacation.

We do have one investigator that comes to church every week because his wife is the Primary President. We had a lesson with him this week that he thought went really well. But after testimonies and everything. He just kind of stopped us and said, ¨Im not saying that it isnt true. I just dont care.¨ And thats the truth. He likes his life. And he does not care. That was almost more heartbreaking than being rejected. I have a feeling that many missionaries are going to come and go. But the people that are ultimatly going to make all the difference are his two little boys.  So we continue to visit and love them. But until he decides to care. There isnt anyone of any religion, that can do anything about it. 

Isnt agency annoying some times? 

However that was our week! We begin week 5 of the transfers today, and continue to Preach His Gospel. Love you all and thanks for all that you do!


Hna Randall

PS. I found a Hersheys Cookies and Cream Bar! And tried on the first pair of heels in 9 months. It was weird. I was tall.

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