Saturday, March 19, 2016

Week 40 The Unsinkable Hermana Randall

First of all. Ten points to whoever gets the movie reference in the title of my email.

Second, Hello everyone! Officially another week has gone by and I have the pleasure of once again using technology and talking to my friends and family. 

Hope this email finds you all well and good. Things here this week were pretty uneventful.... With the exception of a Strike where they halted all traffic and we were stuck in a bus for 2 hours..... 

Assuming you would all like to hear the story I will proceed to tell you. 

We had a Zone Conference planned with our Mission President on Tuesday, so we caught our bus at 8:00AM and an hour later normally we arrive at the halfpoint mark. A little town (bigger than El Salvador), called Diego de Almagro. But our ride was slightly different because when we were about 10 minutes out of Diego traffic stopped in both directions and we were in a huge line of buses and work trucks from the mine. 
So turns out that a couple different companies fired a whole bunch of people or cut their pay or something like that. So in order to attract attention to their Strike, these people began burning tires and all sorts of things in the road. And the side roads as well. They had blocked all entry or exit to Diego. So we sat on the bus and waited for people to make a bunch of calls. We waited. And waited. And waited. And by this time all of the people that were on the bus with us, got off and walked to Diego. Which we couldnt do without permission from the Mission President. And he was traveling and didnt have cell service for a little while. 
When he finally called us we told him the situation and he said some of the scariest words I have ever heard from a leader....  Hermana. Do what you think is best. 
So after praying out the options, we walked about 30 minutes into town, managed to find the Plaza, hire a taxi (super expensive) to ChaƱaral, and make it to the Zone Conference only an hour late. President was very pleased. 

So that was my super adventure for the week. Other than that not much happened. We found a couple new investigators this week that have a lot of potential and we are really excited for the progress that El Salvador is making. 

Yesterday there was a specail conference broadcast from Salt Lake city for all of Chile, and we were privlegded to hear fromPresident Russell M. Nelson. And he spoke Spanish! It was really cool! All the members were so excited that he chose to speak in Spanish. You could tell that he hadnt used it in a while, but he spoke very well, and he had a beautiful message about following the commandements and doing all of the small and simple things that really build a home and a testimony.

I hope to find that you are all well at home. I miss you all, but in reality I have no idea how much I miss you. Im too busy to miss you all as much as I thought that I would. Haha!

I love you all, thak you for all of your thoughts and prayers, you are all constantly in mine! Congradulations to the friends who got engaged this week, and the families that continue to grow and change in my absence. LOVE YOU!

Hermana Randall

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