Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 26 Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving world!

There isnt a ton to report this week. Nothing really earthshaking. Except for the literal Eath shaking that we had. About a 6.4 earthquake happened this week. But with Chile´s standards about what is and what isnt a bad earthquake, they are calling it merely a Temblor, which basically means, Tremor. Not earthquake. It is really funny what the standard is for an earthquake here. If is it under an 8 or 8.5, doesnt count as an Earthquake. But that is the ¨Earthshaking¨news for the week. Haha.

I want to thank you all for the beautiful emails and testimonies that I recived this last week in response to my testimony. Im happy to know that I dont need to just proselyte to help other people I love come closer to Christ. 

This week was mostly uneventful, Hermana Handley had the flu, or something similar, and we were out for the count for a couple days, we never had a full day in the apartment. We left and worked as much as we could without her collapsing (which almost happened a few times). And because we pushed through, we were able to find and teach 4 new families and really help some less actives remember that thier Heavenly Father loves them. 

We are having one problem right now though. The problem that we are having is that some of the members here, view the church as a whim, as something to participate in at thier convienience. We had a meeting with the leaders of the branch to talk about what we can do to strengthen our youth programs, and the leader of the young mens and the young womens didnt come...... But other than these few things, the ward and the work here are more animated than they have been in more than 3 years. We are all really excited about the miracles that we see every single day.

Thanksgiving was a great day here. It obviously wasnt anything close to being home with the family and eating pie until I want to throw up. But it was good. No one else was celebrating, just us, and I was really glad that day that my companion was a Gringa and that she understood Thanksgiving. We bought a rotiserrie (didnt spell that right) chicken and made mashed potatoes, veggies, fruit, and ended it all off with a suprisingly American tasting donut. I loved it. But poor Hermana Handley was pretty sick, so she ate a roll and some potatoes and pretty much called it good, and then she slept on the floor while I cleaned it all up. Fun day though.

Our spiritual experience for the week that really stands out, was a day when Hermana Handley was running a fever again, we had come back to the apartment to grab some more water for her, and we were debating about leaving again because we only had an hour more. But we left anyways, and started walking. And to be honest I wasnt sure where we were going, we just walked, I felt like I was just wandering knocking on doors, when suddenly I felt the impression to go and visit an old investigator who is never home.  We made a sharp 90 degree and began walking. And down this street we saw a GIANT house, with Christmas lights all over it. Moving in the darkness and everything. It was GORGEOUS. We stood in the street open mouthed in front of it for a good 5 minutes, and then a man on the sidewalk behind us said hello. It was his house and he was very pleased about how much we loved it. We talked about the house for a moment, and then about why two gringas were walking in the middle of the street in El Salvador Chile at 9 at night, and then he invited us to meet his wife. We went inside and just shared a lovely experience talking with this couple for awhile. We didnt have enough time to teach, but they told us to come back any time.

It was amazing to feel the spirit guide my feet like that. And even more amazing to later realize that we had listened and followed a very clear prompting. 

That was the week though. A week of rest and love and a Spirit of Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have to be serving a mission. I am grateful for my friends and family who are supporting me from all over the world, and I am especially grateful for my Savior. Without whom, we would not be here. Love you all, until next week!!! (My 6 month mark is Thursday BTW. When did that happen?)

Hermana Randall

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