Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 56 Another Week. Another Adventure.

So I have a problem. I found a Webseries on Mormon Channel so I am writing about half distracted. I apologize. I used to be able to concentrate on two things at once. Now technology amazes me, and English confuses me. So thank you for your patience and continued support through my technical difficulties. 

This week was amazing. First I walked around like an old person because all of my muscles were sore and hurting. But I was stronger for it. Haha.

My interview went really well. I promised that I would not say anything specific, but I feel like President Ferriera knows me. It is really obvious that he is an Area 70. it is interesting as well that he doesn't speak that much English, so I find myself doing absolutely everything in Spanish now. It is really good for my progress though. He told me of all the ¨Gringas¨ that he has met I speak VERY good Spanish. So it´s all better from here I guess :) 

This week what I have really learned though is that I really am a representative of Christ. I carry two names on my plaque. The name of my family, and the name of my Savior. I was called of a prophet of God and he has sent me here to Chile, specifically to this part of Antofagasta with this companion, for a specific reason. I think that in most areas of my mission for the last year I was the one learning, and the one changing. And I think that now although I will continue to grow, improve, and change, like President told me, ¨I want you to teach others.¨

Never have I felt the power of my calling before this week. I understand what it means to be bold but loving now. To ¨call¨people to repentance. To literally call them. To show that the Lord is the one calling them. I cannot understand all that the Lord wants me to do. But if I am worthy, and if I am in the situation that he wants me to be in. He will give me the power and authority to speak. In fact, he will give me the very words that I need to say. I know that God lives and that he loves me. there is a great purpose here in Chile. One that i am striving every day to be a part of bringing to pass. 

This is an opportunity, this week, for all of us to really think about what we can do individually to become better. To see a little more of the purpose that God has for each of us. 

I love you all. Thank you, each of you, for being a reason that I feel the power that i do. The love that I do. Without having felt this type of love, I could in nowise give it. 

I love you with all my heart. Fight the good fight and keep the faith, ¨shall we not go on in so great a cause?¨ 

Hermana Randall

PS. We went gokarting with the Elders today. It was fun :) 

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