Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 55 Happy 4th of July!

Hello there World, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!
It is so sad that there wasn't any kind of celebration yesterday.... I didn't even have my P-Day :(
But we were able to meet our new Mission President! First of all, I really think that I am going to like him and his wife a lot. Our last President was very good and I love him a lot. He is someone that has taught me a lot about myself and my life. Presidente Ferreira emanates love for the work and for his missionaries. I felt that President Dalton loved and cared about me. But I KNOW Presidente Ferrerira does. And with only meeting him once I think that is a pretty good deal. I have my first personal one on one interview with him tomorrow, so we will see if the feelings remain the same (which I'm sure that they will).
He´s already changed a few of the main rules here in the mission. Before we could not play any type of sports or talk between Sisters and Elders. He first began by telling us about the Law of Moses, how it was super strict because the people of Israel couldn't handle a higher law. But then when they were ready they received the Higher Law. Which he said we were now ready for. That we had demonstrated our maturity and we were ready for the Higher Law. 

The Higher Law means that we can talk between Elders and Sisters of course not flirt or send letters or anything. But that he trusts us to be mature. All the Elders got really excited all of a sudden too. And then they were more excited about the next announcement. The announcement about being able to play team sports. He told the Elders that they could play soccer and the whole room cheered. I never understood Latinos and their NEED for soccer until I was a missionary here in South America. Haha. But it comes with a couple rules. Only on P-Day, 5 on both teams only, and there HAS to be an Hermana on each team, at least 1. Because....... HERMANAS ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN SCORE GOALS. That changed the dynamic really fast. Usually the Elders play to be The Best. But now, the team that is the best is the one that works with the Hnas. I didn't want to play with the Elders before. But now, they make us feel like a needed part of the team, because we are needed. We played for the first time today :) I scored 7 goals. :) There was a type of team unity in the zone that wasn't there before. It was a super fun activity, and now I cant move my legs! Haha, it´s going to keep me in good shape at least. Because they cant play without the sisters :) Haha. 

Anyways, we had a fun morning. And I didn't take one photo because I was kicking butt. So I will take pictures next time. :)

My companion and I are getting along just fine, she´s still learning a lot of things about who she is. So we have our moments of deep contemplation and sharing, it takes time to find who you are. And sometimes we just need to talk to someone about what we already know so that we can realize it more fully. 

But we have had a great week in our sector. We walked a lot, but I think that it is because I am still trying to plan more effectively at night. But it helps because my companion has a couple weeks here now and can help me more. But Vanessa came to church this week for the 5th time. She smiles now, and she even came to the Relief Society meeting on Wednesday. She told us that she knows the church is true because of how being in the building with all of the sisters and everything makes her feel. Her daughter is still working on receiving her answer, but she is truly seeking, and that makes all of the difference. 

I hope that you have all had a good missionary week. I know that God lives, and Jesus loves us. If we just listen to him and follow his spirit, we will find more happiness than we already have. If you are sad, there is more happiness waiting for you. And if you are already happy, then imagine how much more your could have! It is amazing this Plan that God has for each and every one of us. 

I love you all, I know that we are children of a loving but just God. I know that we are his supreme creation, and that he does everything for our good, just like the scriptures testify. Remember that God loves you this week. I hope you remember it always, but especially remember it this week. And remember that I love you too.

With all my heart,

Hermana Randall

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