Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 57 The World Keeps Turning. And I Keep Getting Older.

Hello there everyone! This week has flown by super quickly. I feel like it hasn't even been a week since the last time that I wrote you all.

Things are going really well here in Cerro Moreno. We are a little disappointed because although we are working hard and seeing miracles, the work doesn't seem to be progressing like it should. We are analyzing a couple aspects of our work to see what we can do better, and I believe things are looking up. Our new president has also really begun to change things. As of right now I love them all. I understand why we need to the changes, and he mission has really grown in unity and excitement. It really is the time to be a missionary! Right now! Right when the Lord is Hastening his work!

I have learned many things this week. And now that I sit and write them all down retrospectively. That is when I really come to learn the lesson of the week. I believe that this may be the sector in which there are no baptisms for the time that I am here. Not because I was a bad missionary, and not because there aren't people here prepared. But because I was called her at this sector at this time to learn a different lesson. Here I have really come to understand and love the members. Realizing what type of help a missionary can be to a struggling member more than a new investigator. In all of the other sectors I have been in, I was building a branch, I was helping to bring people in to the church. But here I have really learned the importance of fortifying the members and Less Actives that are here. I'm not saying that I should accept not baptizing someone here, that is also an important part of my purpose as a missionary. But here I have also learned about what I can do as a person, as a missionary, to teach members the gospel. To teach active people to help to make them stronger. 

I love this gospel and I love this church. I cannot believe that a year has passed me by. More than a year actually. This time last year I was in my first week in the field. I was in Arica high on life and a little homesick. And now here I sit in Antofagasta, with a testimony stronger than ever, and more energy and love for this work with every day. (It`s just that my whole body hurts now and getting up in the morning to shower has become a kind of mental torture.) I love this work. I know that many people are doing many things as they turn 20 and 21, but I am so grateful that I have the blessing of being here in the mission. There is no other present more beautiful, more fulfilling, more tear jerking, than seeing someone you love understand that they have a purpose in life, and that there is more than just living and dying. But that we live, die, and live again. There is a purpose in all things. Lo promoto (I promise). 

You have a purpose. You are special. You are known. God has numbered the stars in the sky and the grains of sand in the ocean. He knows you personally. And if you have any doubt of that, just go and ask him. Then I recommend reading the Book of Mormon. This last transfer I have spent a lot of time on my knees trying to find who God is to me. And I received the answer through the Book of Mormon. Through a verse that isn't anything really personal or special. But it became personal. It became special. 

I love you all so very much. I hope that you all have a great week and that you know that God loves you. If you don't know. GO FIND OUT.

I know my Savior lives. I know he loves me.

Hermana Randall

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