Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 58 Another Year Older, and Much Wiser Too!

Well, it is now Week 6 of the Transfer, I am 21 years old, and have about 4 1/2 months left in the mission. Where does all of the time go? 

This week went by even more quickly than last week. At the beginning of my mission I always felt like the weeks were too long and P-Days too short. I still feel like P-Days are too short. But the Weeks go by even quicker. It has been 3 months here in Antofagasta and almost 6 months since I was in El Salvador. It´s nuts. 

But we are taking advantage of every minute left to us! This week (the week of emergency as it is called) we proselyted about every day with a member and taught lessons to a couple people that were progressing rapidly. And then on Friday the Zone Leaders and the District Leaders used our sector as a Guinea Pig sector. They invaded¨our sector as they call it. With our permission of course. We gave them a list of the names of people that used to share with missionaries that we haven't been able to contact in awhile because our sector is so big. So they went off and found people. And the Zone Leaders visited two of our progressing investigators to talk to them. They were able to set a baptismal date with both of them! One is pretty sure to happen. But the other is really soon. She had her baptismal interview and everything, but in the end she didn't pass. Not for anything in her past or anything. She just still isn'

t sure about how she feels about a living prophet. So we are really emphasizing how she needs to pray and ask directly about prophets. At this point we have basically taught her everything that she needs to know, and the rest is in her hands. Agency people. Agency. We fought for it in Heaven and now is the time to use it. 

This week I also celebrated my 21st birthday! My companion gave me a cute Planner that she dectorated for me, and sang Happy Birthday to me in Guarani. Then all the Elders in the Zone called me one by one and sang to me as well, in Spanish, and once in Portugese. I smiled all the morning long :) I opened the birthday package that my family had sent me, and apart from long-missed American candies, I found the testimonies of my siblings and parents. Knowing that my family knows that the Gospel is true is one of the greatest supports that I have. If you ever want to make a missionary smile, go write your testimony long-hand and send it to them. They will treasure it forever and read it when the days arent as perfect as they would like them to be. I also came face to face with a box of twinkies :) And Happy Birthday candles. So I stuck all the birthday candles in the Twinkies and had a nice breakfast. :)
It was a good birthday, I got to see all of my investigators who have become family to me, and ward members who are the extended family I never knew I had. Haha. One Sister is amazing, she invited us to come and eat something as the last appointment of the day. We came and she gave me sandwiches to eat, hot chocolate to drink, and for the FIRST TIME IN ALMOST 14 MONTHS......BACON...... I got to eat bacon on my birthday! Hna Dubó is the best. :) And there was a cake with a giant sparkler candle as well. :) It was a good day. I recived more than a few presents. Which was more than expected. They were mostly candy, which is a good thing, so I can eat it and not carry it around with me. But there were a couple surprises which I loved very much (a sweater, a Chile shoulder bag, a handmade framed picture of Jesus with seashells all over it, among other things.) Long story short, it was a good day and a good week. We are working hard and seeing miracles!
I hope that you are all well wherever you are in the world. I remember when I was little the world didnt exist much further than the end of the sidewalk. And now I have friends from literally all over the United States, not to mention all over the world! I love you all, thank you so much for the birthday wishes, they are well recived and guarded close to my heart!

Les amo!

Hermana Randall

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