Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 59 Miracles, Responsibility, and What?

Well, I have way to many things to tell you all, so I am not going to start this email with a joke or something random.

This week was one heck of a week (can missionaries say heck?).

Well we started off with Monday, nothing too exciting, just super spiritual. Then Tuesday we went to a District Meeting that at the last minute was changed to another chapel entirely and NO ONE TOLD THE SISTERS. So all 4 of us were outside the chapel wondering what what going on. And the Elders called to ask where we were and we asked, ¨Well where are you?¨ They told us that last minute it had been changed and they had forgotten to tell us.... So we hopped on a bus and got there about a half and hour late. Only to discover that it was changed because the Mission President was coming to listen to all of the District Meetings and make missionary evaluations.... AND WE WERE LATE. 

So we did our piece, with President watching and making comments the whole time. And then we told the Assistants the part of our sector that would now be their sector ( I cant remember if I mentioned that we are dividing Cerro Moreno and the Assistants are now going to be working in our ward.) No pressure.

Wednesday we had a lesson with A. She was having a lot of problems with her enthusiasm for life. Not that she wanted to do anything to take her life or anything. But that she just was really tired of all of the problems and University classes, etc. So we explained about Blessings of Comfort and Counsel and she said that she would like to have one. So we came home, ate the fastest lunch ever (I made fried chicken, you should be proud), and went to the chapel to meet the Zone Leaders to give her a blessing. She arrived crying. We allowed her to calm down and then she explained to the Elders what was happening a little. They gave her a beautiful blessing and afterwards Elder Melim asked if he could talk to her. So they talked in Private (it was a secret interview) and an hour later she left smiling and told us that she was going to be baptized on Sunday..... So once we recovered from our state or awe and shock, we partied.

Thursday nothing huge happened. But A told us that no she wasn't going to be baptized. Then she told us yes. And then No again. My heart is so tired and full of feelings from this week. Wow.

Friday we were all prepared to work all day and such. We had our missionary coordination meeting with the ward mission leader and in that moment, A told us that yes she was going to be baptized! So we began planning a baptism! Which then the next day (Saturday) she said she changed her mind and she wasn't going to do it anymore. (In a couple weeks she said...) 

But the most interesting part of the week for me I believe was when Presidente Ferriera called me on Friday. The conversation went something like this; 
¨Hi Presidente!¨
¨Hello Sisters which sister am I talking to?¨
¨With both of us.¨
¨I want to speak with Hermana Randall¨
¨Yes President?¨
¨Sister, I have a very large responsability that I would like to assign you.¨
*silence on my part* 
¨Sister Randall I am assigning you to train a new missionary starting on Wednesday. *cue heart stopping, more silence* And you will be the newest Sister Training Leader of the Zone La Portada.¨

I dont rememer what I said. I accepted of course. So now I do not have a companion until Wednesday when my new trainee gets to the mission. I am beyond words. I know that I am going to end my mission working harder than ever, and I am so excited to help other missionaries love the mission just as much or more than I do. 

In the end we did not have a baptism this month. But I know that the Lord saw the type of dedication and faith with which we were working and blessings disguised as hard work have been sent my way. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord even more. 

This has been my week Brothers and Sisters. I am filled with humility and awe that has been placed on my shoulders, and I know that it is in Christ that I receive my strength. 

Thank you, all of you, for you love, support, prayers and unwaving faith in me and our Savior. I love you all very much. Have a great week and may God be with you.

Hermana Randall

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