Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 60 It´s a Girl!

Well hello there followers! I would like to announce to you all that I officially have my Hijita :) (My daughter)
Her name is Hermana Rebeca Guzman, she is from Nicaragua, she is 24 years old and she speaks English surprisingly well. And she is amazing.
This week was filled with many different things and I know that I will not be able to describe all of it. So like Mormon, there are some things that I am just going to leave out because they would take to long and writing just a little bit would not be sufficient.
Monday -- I spent the day with a member who is super awesome (also named Rebeca, interesting), we had an amazing lesson and set a baptismal date. I made brownies, and a giant sign for my Greenie.
Tuesday -- Proselyted some more, taught a few really good lessons about the 10 commandments and other such things. Switched member companions during lunch (we had subway :) and they gave me a free cookie) , and we proselyted some more. And we were able to confirm a baptismal goal for Saturday.
Wednesday -- I was dropped off at the mission office and was temporary companions with Hna Carabine (Utah). We were the only two sisters training this whole transfer. We helped set everything up, and talked with President and Sister Ferriera until the newbies arrived. There were two sisters, mi hijita, and Hna Sorenson from Draper Utah. We all talked and had a great time together. Then the meeting began. We talked about what it really means to be a successful missionary. How we can always be the best missionary that we can be. We don't just have to evaluate ourselves at the end of our missions. But that we can evaluate, repent, and be better, EVERY SINGLE DAY. (That goes for our lives outside of the mission as well. Then we (the trainers) had a meeting with President. We talked about who really is a disciple of Christ. How Christ trained his disciples and how we can use his example to be the best missionaries that we can be, and train the best missionaries. It was a moving experience.
Finally we all got together and began finding out who would be companions. Finally it came time for the sisters. They sat together in front of the room, and read their letters of fate. And Hna Guzman read my name! It was so special! I knew that it was going to be her when I saw her!
We had another little training after we had received our companions, basically President telling all of us that we are the best of the best that he has in this mission. That he trusts us with this monumental task of training, and more importantly, the Lord trusts us. We got all jazzed up. Then we came home she saw all of the decorations that I put up, and we had a nice bonding moment. taught a few lessons that night, then we came home and went to bed.
Thursday -- Today was the first meeting that I officially had as a Sister Training Leader. It was all day long with a lunch. And we talked about the new things that we are going to do as a mission, and what things that we need to improve on as a mission. At this time I would also like to invite all of you to go on Facebook and like the page ¨Mision Chile Antofagasta¨ or maybe it is ¨Chile Antofagasta Mission¨ It is one of the two. It is a new page, and it is going to be filled with wonderful things! We came home from the meeting and had another appointment with R. and L.  L. is the little girl with a baptismal date for Saturday. It was a good day.
Friday -- We had our weekly planning, and I am teaching Hna Guzman how the mission works. (No pressure right). I am learning right along with her as well. It is pretty exciting. And that night we talked to L. again to make sure that everything was set for her baptism. Our District Leader came to the house with us, and did the interview and set everything up . it was a great experience for her. She didn't feel ready before, but afterwards she was so excited for the next day. Her mom was pretty set on no baptism until she was sure that her daughter was ready. But L. actually started crying because she was afraid that her mom didnt want her to be baptized, and tears sometimes melt hearts a lot quicker than other things. The spirit filled the room, and they began making plans for the baptism.
Saturday -- I am the leader of the sisters in Mejillones, and they have been kind of sad this last week because they haven't been able to find or teach people. They feel like they are just walking around. It is sad because they are both relatively new missionaries as well. 7 months and 5 months. So we all as the leaders (District, Zone, and Sister Training) hopped on a bus and went to Mejillones. We contacted whatever person in the street, taught lessons, extended baptismal dates, etc. And we left the Sisters full of hope. I love being a leader so far. Basically it gives me a better opportunity to help others. And that is something that I have always loved doing.
We came home, and studied a little bit and then immediately went to the chapel for L´s baptism! She was there with a bunch of members of her family and friends that are not members. (Some of them are actually opposed to the church, but they were there and they supported her. So we were really excited!) The service went really well and the spirit was there pretty strongly. It was a great day.
Sunday -- And to end the week, L. received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Her nonmember friends and family were not there. But her Step´Father who is not a member came and he brought his sister as well. It was a beautiful experience. We had 10 investigators in Sacrament Meeting! And then later that night. We were able to set 2 baptismal dates! This sector really is progressing. And we are seeing many many miracles. :)
So in conclusion. I love my sector. I love my companion. I love Chile. And I LOVE my mission!
Hope you are all well!
Hermana Randall

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