Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week 54 ¡Campeones del Mundo!

Well hello there world! Speaking to you today from Chile, who just so happens won the Copa America yesterday for the second year in a row. Yep that's right. Some people would be disappointed that my very own country didn't win anything (4th place) but then I respond with the fact I didn't even know that we had a soccer team. Until this year the United States didn't care much for soccer. However I cant wait for the day where we WIN. Haha. But basically Chile exploded last night. The poor Argentinians that live here........ There were fireworks, confetti, cannons, loud singing, cheers, shouting, the whole shabang. The moment that was my personal favorite was when a man from somewhere in the night shouted, ¿ÄRGENTINA, COMÓ SE SIENTES AHORA?¨ Or, ¨Argentina, how do you feel now?!¨ That gave both me and my companion quite a laugh as we lay in bed trying to sleep.
I say trying, because everyone partied for a long time, and then at 2:00 the evauated our apartment building because someone had a gas leak in their stove. They live above us, so we didnt smell anything, but we worke up to the alarm blaring and we had to throw on shoes and a jacket and stand outside in the cold for about an hour so the firefighters ould come with a large fan to blow all the gas away. It was an adventure, and we are really tired today. But ¡VIVA CHILE!
The week was a good one though. I'm leading the sector right now, and when leading I realize just how HUGE it is. My new companion is super sweet. Although, I feel like the older sister leading my little sister. She´s very sweet and wants to be a good missionary. And she needs a lot of love. I am more than ready to make her feel important and loved. :)
Also, this Wednesday we are receiving a new Mission President! So due to meetings and interviews, my P-Day next week will be either Tuesday or Wednesday. So don't worry, you´ll hear from me, read an old email until you get the new one. Re-runs are never the same, but they can be just as entertaining while waiting for the show to return. :)
Hope all is well where ever you all may be (I write people in many different countries now....), know that I love you all, and that God loves you even more. Have a great week! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!
Hermana Randall

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