Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 50 La Portada, Another Week, Another Life Changed

Well, here it is! Another week come and gone! They are going by all the faster now.

I stick to what I said last week, I love my companion. She is amazing. I also stand by that I love this sector. It is a great sector that definitely has challenges that are new to me. Like the people that stand at the guard stations of the apartment buildings, and if you don't know someone, and they aren't waiting for you, you don't get in. But there are a bunch of young women that are preparing to go on missions and they are all excited to get out and go tracting with us. It is amazing to see the missionary work through their eyes. 

Yesterday we had a great lesson where I really felt the spirit. But not the spirit in a way that we all left crying or anything. But where my companion and I knew exactly what to say. And more importantly what to ask. There is an improv game in theatre where all you are allowed to do is ask questions. That is basically what we played. We did nothing but testify and ask questions. It was amazing to have the spirit be the one to fill your mouth with the words that you didn't know that you had. 

Haha, this week we also received a new ¨security system¨ for the sisters in the mission. It is a really loud emergency air horn. Not automatic or anything. We need to push the button. Its actually pretty funny. But a lot of the apartment alarms don't work, so we have these in the apartment now. I will attach pictures next week because I forgot to take a picture. Haha. 

And today we went to La Portada. That is the super famous rock formation here in the North of Chile. Everyone comes and takes pictures. And our very first thing that we do when we get to the mission is that we take photos with the mission president in front of it. So it was really cool to be able to come back a year later and take pictures with my companion. To be honest we went a little nuts with the photos, but it was fun. :) 

It has been a good week filled with many emotions and many miracles. I love you all! I ask that you would add to your prayers the people of Ecuador. They were hit by another earthquake this last week, and they are not a country prepared for this type of natural disaster. My companion is from this beautiful country, and she is concerned. If you could keep them all in your prayers it would be much appreciated. 

I love you all!

Hermana Randall

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