Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 52 Miracles, Memories, and Milestones

Well hello everyone! I hope that you are all well and ready to sit back and relax with another tale of adventure from Antofagasta Chile!

This week was fun filled, it seemed to take forever, but it actually went by really quickly if that makes any sense. 

We started the week off at the beach for P-day which you all heard about, and the next day we began to teach and teach and teach. We didn't reach our teaching goals this week, but we did feel good about the lessons that we had and the people that we were able to teach. There is a young woman here who received her mission call to Brazil this last week, so she is more than excited to come out and help us teach lessons. She also is going to work in a Subway restaurant that is opening in our sector (hello American lunches. She is a great person, her name is Gabi and she is awesome.

We taught a couple lessons with some people that are incredibly prepared to receive the gospel.We found many miracles around every corner. We had about three citas with a certain investigator and every time something came up and she wasn't available to meet with us. But when we called Saturday to invite her again to the baptism that the Elders of Las Rocas were having, she told us, that although she couldn't come to the baptism, that she was planning on coming to church the next day! And she came! It was her second consecutive assistance and this time she brought her daughter who we have also been sharing with as well! They loved the meeting and even participated in Principios del Evangelio. It was a great thing to stand by them and watch as all the members excitedly greeted them and welcomed them here to the ward. 

We were also blessed to teach a lesson to an investigator named Fernando. We´ve been trying to find him for awhile again, but he has many health problems and it is difficult to meet with him regularly. But when teaching The Restoration we had a great discussion about The Atonement and the love of Jesus Christ. I love being able to teach and everything, but the thing that I most love to explain is exactly how the Lord feels about each and every one of us. It is something special to look someone in the eyes and tell them that God loves them individually. 

We also were at a members house. She was cutting hair, she asked if I would like her to cut the ends off that were dead. I said yes. She ended up taking me to her professional salon sink in the backyard, washing my hair, and giving me a COMPLETELY new hair cut............... I have bangs...... I do not like bangs........ To be fair my hair looks about a million times better and has shape. But it is big, and reminds me of the 80´s a little bit.... I do not have one good photo to share. So you will all have to wait with anticipation for next week. Haha.

Well that´s my week, another faith filled, miracle packed, week of a missionary. I love you all! I hope all is wel

l, if you all ever need anything just let me know! LOVE YOU!

Hermana Randall

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