Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 53 This Week on: Misiòn Chile Antofagasta

Hey There World!

Hope that you are all doing well and that you had a wonderful Father`s Day! It is weird to think that for the last Father´s Day I was in the MTC, and now here I am a year later with 4 sectors and 7 companions. Shout out to my Dad and my Grandpa`s for being the very best of all the Dad`s and Grandpa`s! Also shout out to my cousin Lynette who returned home from her mission in Norway this last week! Congratulations Lynette! I love you!

This week in Cerro Morreno we have worked harder than ever. We have seen many miracles in the form of progressing investigators and a Recent Convert who was slipping into inactivity being friend-shipped and finding his place once again in the ward. He is becoming really excited about the gospel again. We have him connected to many Young Single Adults that are helping him to leave behind his bad habits and move on through the process of repentance. It is a beautiful thing to watch, the Atonement in action. 

We also have two investigators named Vanessa and Andrea. They are progressing very well, and Vanessa this last week asked us what she needed to do to be baptized, she still needs to get married, but she is progressing towards her baptism, and her daughter Andrea is also very excited. She says that she no longer feels like she is the only young adult that has these standards like Chastity and not drinking. We have many people as well that are reaching out to this family and helping them to progress as they are. It is true, working with members not only helps us to teach, but it helps the investigator progress faster, and it gives the members this fire for the Obra Misional! 

Missionary work is something that gives everyone energy and allows people to connect to the gospel in an interactive way. That is one of the reasons that God has blessed us with a church. So that we can find a support system in our beliefs. A friend when one is needed. And a hand to lift us up when we fall. If you are struggling with your testimony. If you are wondering if you really KNOW that it is true. Then go do missionary work, go bear your testimony to someone. Maybe just your Mom, but go do it! A testimony is something that if you do not share it, it will not grow. If you do not show what you believe it may change from a belief, faith, to something passive. A shallowly rooted plant that can be changed, burned, corrupted, or strangled by whatever passes by. Share your testimony. Help others feel the love of Christ. So this is your homework for the week. Share your testimony. Share it with the world. Maybe share a video about Jesus and a short comment about why you liked it. Share. Jesus has his arms open to all of the world, but sometimes we need to help others to open their eyes to see the arms extended and waiting. SHARE YOUR LIGHT.

To end I just wanted to say that there were Transfers this week. I am staying here in Antofagasta in Cerro Moreno, but Hna Jimenez has left me! I instead have another companion, named Hna Samaniego. She is from Asunciòn, Paraguay, and has 7 months in the mission. I met her about 3 hours ago, and she is very sweet. I can`t wait to get to know her more and see the work progress here in Antofagasta! 

Love you all, remember to share you light, share the happiness that the gospel brings. I love you! Have a great week!

Hermana Randall

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