Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 34 Priesthood Holders and New Callings

Hey there World! It´s me again!

This week there both is and isn´t a lot of things to report.

Monday was a normal day. 
Tuesday and Wednesday we did Companion Exchanges with the Hermanas in Chañaral, which meant we lost two full days in our sector. But that we were able to walk around in a hot and sticky city learning new things. It was a two days of ups and downs for sure.
Thursday we did our weekly planning for the last week of the transfer. That threw Hermana Handley a little bit, because it is her last week in the Mission Field. She freaked out just a little bit. But she really has been holding together quite well. Im very proud of her. We also did a surprise birthday party for a member and it was a huge success.
Friday was a normal day and we acutally got some work done and were able to teach a lesson to a girl named Javiera. She is 16 years old and very mature for her age. She would have to be though, considering she is the mother of a 1 year old. She has a lot of questions and is really interested in the idea of the Plan of Salvation. We have another appointment with her on Tuesday to follow up and get to know her more. 
Saturday another normal day.
Sunday however began with quite an adventure. We have been having issues with the plumbing for awhile in our apartment, and we´d had some people in to look at it. But nothing really was done, because they really couldnt find a problem. Well..... We found the problem. We woke up Sunday at the normal time, to a weird rushing noise. I opened the curtains and BOOM. The basketball court inbetween us and the church was flooded.There was a large break in a pipe somewhere underground and everything was covered. We quickly called everyone that we could and turned off the water... We were abel to have sacrament meeting, but we had to cancel the rest of church because there arent any bathrooms. Which also means..... We dont have a bathroom in our house..... No shower, sinks, toilet. Nada. Today I showered at the Relief Society President´s house. Hopefully someone will get out to fix it soon, we´ve had to cancel all further activities and such until it is fixed... And we dont have any water in the house. With the exception of the few bottles and buckets we filled. Super fun adventures!

But the best part about the whole week, and definetly the best part of Sunday. Was after sacrament meeting when our Recent Converts Mauricio and José were ordained and set apart as Priests and were given the Aaronic Priesthood. Their blessings were beautiful, and I was crying. At the same time, both of thier wives were given callings and set apart. These two little families have already increased the branch so much. The excitment and love for the work is back in the hearts of the members. We are so happy with the miracles both big and small that we are seeing every single day. 

I love you all so much. I want to thank personally all of the worthy Priesthood Holders that have been a part of my life. Especially my Daddy. I am so grateful to have grown up in a home that had this amazing unifying power. With parents who work together as a team and love with all thier hearts. Thank you for everything Mom and Dad. I love you more than you know. 

Love you all! Write you next week!

Hermana Randall

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