Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 44 Winter is Coming......

Hello rabid readers, and fans of all ages. Welcome to another week of emails! I think we are on week 44 or something like that.... So that is terrifying and we are not going to think about it.

This week has been a lot of things. And most of all the things were ups! The main down was that I got sick. Sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, headache, all the fun stuff. I bought some medicine, ignored well meaning advice from members and I am getting better. (When I say ignored, I ignored things like ¨Here is a tomato. Heat it up in the  microwave, and use saran wrap to paste it to your neck while you sleep. Its really messy, but it wont stain.¨ I kindly accepted the tomato, and I ate it with a salad instead.) 

We had a zone meeting this week too. We met and talked about success stories, doctrine, etc, and basically got us all pumped up to share the gospel and baptize. It was pretty cool because we were also able to do companion exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders in Calama, so I was able to learn even more from even more sisters. And my companion as well. It was good for her, because before I could sense that she was annoyed with me, but that she wasnt saying anything. Even though I asked. After the exchange, she had enough courage, or was annoyed enough to tell me everything about me that annoyed her. Which although bugged me a little bit. I realized that everything that she was telling me  was just a difference in style of doing things more than anything else. So I told her I was sorry, explained that although I had 10 months in the mission, I am not perfect. (One of the things was that I wasnt helping her to find directions and plan at night. I had to explain that she was leading the sector for a reason. Because she knows the streets and the people, and that she couldnt expect me to know them after a week.) We had a good little talk and I was just praying to know what to say to her. And I ended up saying very little. Basically what I did was sit and listen. And then we both cried together. And every day since then has been great. When she is annoyed or doesnt understand. She tells me now, and we talk about it. If I dont teach her anything else, I will feel good knowing that I am helping to teach her to  communicate.

We also have an investigator named Norma. She is progressing amazingly and is planning on being baptized this Saturday! We had a lesson with her this week and we were nervous because she still hadnt recived her answer to know if these things were true. But then this day, she told us that during General Confrence she had recived her answer. She began to cry and tell us that she knew that it was all true. We all cried together. And I recived another witness that these things are true. I know they are.

We have other people with baptismal dates as well, and we are constantly finding new people and helping them to also prepare for the first covenant of  baptism. 

I love being a missionary. Meeting new people. Working with people who become my best friends, and teaching people that families are eternal. God loves us. 

He loves each and every single one of you. Keep smiling. And keep your chin up. Families are eternal. They can be sealed together in the temple of the Lord, and after death reaches us, it will have no hold. Christ rose from the dead so that one day we might also rise. I celebrate and preach of a LIVING, TRIUMPHANT, Christ. He loves you. He supports you. Just turn to him. Call to him, and he will be there.

Love you all, Dios les bendiga,

Hermana Randall

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