Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 45 Baptism Days are the Best Days

Hello Friends and Family Alike!

Hope this email finds you well and in a good state of mind. I hope you all know that I miss you and I appreciate all of the emails that I receive every week. I feel very loved and supported. Thank you for all of that and the prayers that are send my way. I can feel them strengthening me every day.

This week was a great week. My companion and I are getting along great, and she is opening up a lot. We still have things to work on. But they are more detailed missionary things like timing. Less personal things. So I'm happy with that. 

We had a beautiful baptism on Saturday. Norma was baptized! She is 26 years old and from Bolivia. Her parents are active members there and she wanted to learn more about the church to follow their example. She started coming to  church by herself, and made the decision to be baptized by herself. She is very prepared. It was a beautiful little service, and the feeling of love that was there was amazing. I love being a part of this work and helping those who are searching for something more, to find it. I am so grateful that families are forever!

 Also, I promise that everyone was happy this day, even if my companion and Norma are not smiling. They are not smiley people. 

We also had our last interviews with our Mission President before he finished his mission the first week in July. So that was fun. I received some advice to  help relieve the back pain that I have been experiencing again . (Prayers in this area would be very welcome.) And basically we had a great week! 

I love the mission. I love all of you. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ.  I dont imagine, I cant imagine. What my life would be, not only right now, but after, without my mission. I know that I am learning and growing here in ways that are not only  blessing me and my family right now. But that will continue to help me to grow and bless my family and me for the rest of my life. Not to  mention the temporal and eternal consequences that my mission is having on the lives of the people I have come to love in Chile. I just want to end this email ssaying, who ever you are. Whatever yor situation. If you are thinking about a mission. Do it. Go for it. You will NEVER EVER regret it. 

I love you all, I know that this church is true. I testify of that every day, in every way. 

¡Ser mormón, ser feliz!

Hermana Randall

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