Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 46 Easter Island!

Hey there everyone!

I received about a billion emails today, so I just wanted to tell you all, that if you don't get a reply, it is because I ran out of time. Not because I don't love you. (Well.....Just Kidding)

This week was rather good to be honest. Haha, Hna Challco and I had our moments. She likes to do her study at 8 in the morning instead of 9, so I have an hour to myself to shower and all that. It is nice. But turns out she still times me and analysis how I use my time. Haha, she told me that I wasn't allowed to eat and study. I had a half hour to get ready completely and a half hour to eat...... I think it is funny now. But at 11 at night I was pretty annoyed. I still eat when I am studying. I just like doing that. She´ll understand with time and other companions. She is still a newbie. Haha.

I also got a haircut this week. And never tell someone you barely know that you want it a little shorter.... Because it will become MUCH shorter. The last time my hair was this short was like senior year of high school. I like it though.

Also, got hit in the eye by gifts from a teeny bird perched from above. Unfortunately I was so concerned with getting it  off of my face that I did not take a picture to send to all of you for your enjoyment. 

We taught many lessons this week and we were able to set a couple baptismal goals with dates attached! So we were pretty happy. The dramatic thing that happened this week was that we have an investigator who is the mother of a recent convert. The mom had a date for baptism, which fell through this week because she didn't come to  church, because of some drama with her daughter. 

But after all that drama, this week has been really great and pretty calm. We are reactivating a  few families, and teaching even more. I love this work. I know that I would never be where I am spiritually and emotionally without being a missionary. I have heard many times that the mission is the training that you need for the rest of your life. And I truly believe that. 

I love you all. I know that this work is  true! LES AMO! Dios les bendiga.

Hna Randall
PS- Easter Island is not a part  of my mission. But we do have one of the heads replicated here. So we visited that this morning. :)

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