Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 67 General Responsibility, General Conference

Hello everyone! Can I just start out by telling you all that I love you so much!? I am just filled to brimming with the amazing happiness that the mission brings. :) I know that sometimes I am so tired that it is hard to get up in the morning (even harder now that the light bulb burned out and we need to get up in the dark), but EVERY SINGLE DAY is worth it. I LOVE the mission.

This week was a hard one in the way of finding new people to teach, but we are making progress with some of our investigators and we think that there will be a baptism headed this way soon. He is a great kid. Very sincere, and very honest. The story of Joseph Smith has him fascinated. And he came to ALL FOUR sessions of General Conference this weekend. How cool is that?! 

General Conference was super amazing as well! We were spiritually edified and enjoyed every moment of it. :) I watched the first session in Spanish because we got there late, and I didn't know that they had a separate room for the Gringos to watch in English. But I got to watch the last 3 sessions in English. I can understand in Spanish, but all of the talks hit more close to home when i hear them in English. Plus when I listen in Spanish I cant watch the people talking or trying to read their lips throws me off. So I have to look down and take a tone of notes or draw pictures so that I don't loose track of what they are saying. But I love being able to understand Spanish. :) I had the realization this week that I am now bi-lingual and I felt really cool. :)

The Gringo Elders were Fun/Annoying to watch conference with. We the sisters were reverent and took notes quietly and had our little snack on the side. But a couple Elders literally brought bags of chips and a liter of soda or so. It was crazy. They cleaned it all up okay. But it was certainly interesting. (At least they shared a little.) And every so often one Elder would shout out, ¨Ya! Preach it Elder!¨ Or something else like, ¨That´s a quote! Write it! Write it!¨ And then they all realized that I write quickly, so when they weren't able to copy down a name or a quote they all asked me what it was. So there were a couple things we missed as sisters because of obnoxious Elders. But then you have to have a little mercy on them because they haven't been to a sports game in like 2 years, and these are like their favorite church stars throwing out their two pointers or a field goal to win the game (you go BYU). So I get it . :)

But that brings us to today. There weren't many things utterly exciting this week. There were always moments to remember and my journal has the details. But I get here and start writing and everything just gets so difficult to write about. So all that I can say is that I love the church. I love Christ. I love being a missionary. I know that I cam called of God to be here and this moment and in this country. And this city. There are people that we are called to find here in the world. People that we talked to before this life began. And we promised that we would find them here. We would share the gospel with them here on Earth. I am always looking for them. Just like conference said, ¨This is the truth, and I feel like I knew it before.¨ The seed of light inside of all of us begins to grow, because these are just truths that we have forgotten. They are not new. They are just forgotten. We need to remember them we need to remember that we are children of a Heavenly Father and Mother, and that we are loved every one.

I love you all! Hope to hear from you all next week! The gospel is TRUE!

Hermana Randall

PS. Played soccer today! And taught a group of Young Women this week :)

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