Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 71 Vallenar: The Beginning of the End

Well here we are! Now I can give more details of everything that has happened in the last week. It

has been a crazy roller-coaster of changes. Not  bad changes, but changes none the less.

First of all, I love Vallenar. This is a sector where there are a ton of miracles. We have had amazing experiences in just these few short days together. 

My companion is Hna Quintero. She is 21 years old and from Colombia (Bogota). She is going to complete a year in the mission on Friday, the day after I complete 17 months. And we get along really well, which I am happy about. It would not be so fun to end with a sour companion. But we get along really great and she is fun to be around and likes to work hard. 

Vallenar has many hills and it is getting really really hot here during the day and cold at night. There is no ocean because we are more for the mountains, so the wind is usually hot. I'm glad that I wont be here for the dead of summer. It would be a repeat of El Salvador. Its been a week and I'm about 2 shades of gold darker because of the sun. 

We had a lesson with an investigator named M. She had an amazing experience with the Book of Mormon answering a much needed prayer. And she told us with tears in her eyes that she knows that the Book is true and therefore that the church is also true. We were all very emotional, and she told us that she wants to be baptized. Her two sons were also there, and they both expressed the same desire to be baptized. It was so spiritual. I love the mission and the gospel. The light that it brings into our lives is really something that all of us should have. It really makes a difference in the lives of the people.

Anyways, I think that it about does it for this week. I have a billion things to do today. And a gazillion more to do during the next 5 weeks! I love you all, have a fabulous day, and an even better week!


Hermana Randall

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